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1. Astrid

You didn't teach me everything; But renews all I know; Queen of the chessboard; Falling knee to bishop just wants to curse you; Painting with the paint of pain; The picture that you choose; I drink yo...

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2. Better Be Quiet

Is better be quiet; People will realize; Hiding my desire; For your surprise; Staying here; Where no one can see; Making gold bodies; Hotter than could be; Its better be better be better be quiet; Its...

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3. Blackout

Starting over, my life will take me down; Beer, music and things, you can buy in this house; I lost my life at Madrigal, and you'll never know; I'm going to ride, and hope I never come back this town;...

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4. Come To The Dawn

Why do you keep working here; Don't you say that you have no blame; You have some choices; Choose the voices; Or waste your mama's baby; I liked your acts, I liked your songs; And now you have to say;...

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5. Devil Woman

Devil woman; You really are a bad girl; You really like; Let me mad; A couple of times; Evil woman let me say; Why do not matter and you will stay? Opened the doors of hell; Tell you to get out; And a...

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6. Dogfight

Enemies at two waiting for you; They try aim my plane, I know they will lose; Bombs in the air, smile in my face; I do it for me, to kill some, no blame; No rules and no ways, forgot all the shame; He...

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7. Elvira

She looks like a girl with 18 years old; Which can stop all men in the world; And now she's wearing leather clothes; Mountains under sexy jokes; Against all the rules of the shiny gold; Spiders and ba...

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8. Light, Say The Direction

One step from Paradise; Psychotherapy; Where nothing has form; And becomes interesting; Distorted walls; With worms on the floor; Living my paradise; With my nightmare on the next door; Light, say the...

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9. Madman

My mind is divided in two; And so complicated for you; My brain is filled with vains; Between unknown and pain; Such a mess, only music can rest; My soul on his softerly breast; Deep inside I do reali...

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10. Mr. Buddy

My name is mr. Buddy; I am a nice guy; If you're afraid, don't worry; I will tell you no lies; And nice to meet you, girl; Are you ok? I am here to offer my hand; And make you feel great; So call mr. ...

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11. No Bull/Live Like a Lemmy

You don't bring that to me; I don't need that your rules; I don't care about money; You can call me a fool; Show me now what you hide; And I show you my credit blues; I can wait to see; Dancing in my ...

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12. Sex Drive

In through the night; Walk alone on the road; Whiskey, smoke and woman; Wait me along the way; Running a sixteen miles an hour; Looking for a place rock and roll; To unload my energy; City on the sinn...

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13. This Is My Torment

This is my rock; This is my pain; This is me talking; Can you understand? Ohh shut up; And suck my heart; For I do not care; This is true; Can't you understand? Unemployed; Without a job; I do not hav...

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14. Velver Sucking

Here in my bed you will stay; Wrote written in the chest as I say; I'll take your face that gray; I met a bitch who showed me all; The secrets of bitches who loves like her; And now our clothes are on...

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