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1. A Cold Kiss

The suffering that's rising in my veins:; The wakefullness. The rumpling noise of galopping horses:; The pain. ; The coldness of ice chills my body, As I realize:; I must leave this world without You,...

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2. Back To Life

Fly away; And shine in the night; I want you to stay with me; And come back to life; You're just a piece of coal; In the furnace of the world; But you should be a diamond; Otherwise you'll rise with t...

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3. First To Fall

Believe me we aren't born to fail; We start and strive, are dying for; When we try to pull it hard; Seems we cannot reach an end; Feeling that we are almost over; Misfortune brakes us all apart; Will ...

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4. Hiding Lurker

Out of your sight, hiding in shadows; Covered by silence; Do you feel that you are not alone; Or is it just your senses playing games? Meet his eye; It's your last goodbye; He'll bleed you dry; Suspec...

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5. In The Womb

The navel string is a galled rope; You’re hanging in the womb; A cell hallowed your mother; Your birth is so close; She will be purified and; Consecrated by your blood; When you’ll be born; Your death...

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6. Promised Land

I've never been so scared; I hear the deep space symphony; The flowers in the velvet sky; Like a quiet agony; Hear the cries; Feel the pain; Imagine you're alone; Over the atmosphere; In the airless s...

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7. Saviour

Catch my blood with your chalice; When I'm stretched on the cross; Walk with me in the Eden; When I'm back from my blood; I'm your saviour; Kill me; Take my life and you'll be free; I'm your saviour; ...

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8. Solace

So much faded; These tears are fading your eyes; Sense is wasted; Feelings keep crawling in your mind; You look frustrated; And desolated; I felt for you until this day; Sometimes I feel I'm dumb; Now...

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9. The Mourning

When you belonged to me; We were together as one; I asked you take me away; But you left me, now I'm alone; I've known the solitude; Like a fallen leaf; I'm a lonely man; Like a prodigal son; I miss y...

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10. Through The Gates

When the light burns as sensible primal being, And wish you left this world, wish you could be alone, Alone in the silence; As the pale beams of the Dying Sun, Wish that feeble breeze went through; Yo...

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11. Your End

Have you ever been to those abandoned places; Where your feelings overcome you; And you feel the deepest blue? The moon is shining pale; Turns the land old and grey; The stars are dying out; Your sigh...

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