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1. Beast Burden

A self destructive pattern; A human God; Born from disease, warfare, the son of reflection; Hey messiah! Is this a game that you play; A reason for everyday brutality; Slaughter the weak; Words that s...

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2. Bridges Will Burn

I gave myself to you; Bored of the regrets, further from sane; Broken down images of violence still remains; As time withers away the words of those who've fallen; Face the son of a man in mourning; B...

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3. Knife In Hand

From the moment at birth; Nothing has changed, your just living a lie; So you bow your head deep in sorrow; In your hands open eyes; Suffer from the ignorance that you wear; I decide on your life expe...

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4. Rivers Bottom

My hands around your neck; Crushing the life from within your soul; As a thought crosses my mind; Who is alive? Murderer, my dark angel of god; Make me suffer in my eternal hell; I will say goodbye to...

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5. Sever The Ties

A bid farewell to those below; A crushing force set to explode; The tears of shame, the tears of regret; Bury the axe, destroy and protect against lies; The horror of loosing your soul in vain; Sever ...

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6. Stained Glass

Inside a world of spiritual forgiveness; Shelter a place of peace; Nailed to your cross of doubt, why? One stab at life, you see the truth; My hands bleed for you; Open the gates of Hell; Let 'em in, ...

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7. Structures Collapse

Slit the throat of those that deceive; Bleeding from the eyes, do you believe; Persecute me for my sins; Destroying what you know into this abyss; Mentally controlled; A life that don't exist; Your be...

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