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1. A Simple Explanation Would Do

I'm giving up, because I don't know myself; seems I have no one to hold on to; and I don't think that you're going to last; cause your ship is going down, way down so fast; you're just standing there!...

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2. All A Mistake

everything I've said to you; whether you were wasted; should've heard them through; I'd give it all to understand; this feeling for you I can't pretend; I can't depend, I just can't press ...

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3. Apology

stabbing me a thousand times; never missing a beat; weaker hearts can't find the strength to surrender; love won't kill your enemies; so you tear my heart out with your bare hands; it left me bleeding...

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4. Better Days

close your eyes just one last time; let this sadness slip around your mind; even if you don't understand; I'll be there...I'll be there... ; another day raining down upon me; another sleepless night a...

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5. Fairytales And Cigarettes

turn back these pages, let it go; everything so clearly gets back to blurry; before you know that fairytales and cigarettes; re-live the dreams, relieve the stress; wanted little time with a lonely gi...

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6. Heart-on Success

she had her heart set on success; going out, giving her best; but it doesn't matter to her; she can do anything to get on top of the world; but misery left her face-down without a clue; wondering when...

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7. HS Tragedy

lessons learned; and these rules of thumb are broken now; in this broken kingdom; and I never had time to figure it out; it's said and done; life goes on and on and on... ; cause I'm gone! it's taking...

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8. Like Some Stories

It's all that you represent; Insults become a compliment; I guess it's how it all begins; It's murder! a shock to the heart; When you're running but never getting far; This is how it all should end; A...

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9. She's Overrated

I remember when you left; I thought I'd never see you again; but tonight I hear you knocking; go ahead, I won't let you in; I'm a fool for falling for you; what can I say? what can I do? I should have...

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10. Still Waiting

forever wondering, how does it all begin? it's the shadows of all the previous heartbreak; that settles in for a few whole minutes; before I change my mind... let's write this song and stay so close; ...

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