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1. Black Death

Take down the bridges, don't let them through; They're coming and they're bearing gifts for you; Bring on our future now; Take out the weak; It was the only way it could have been; The selfish survive...

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2. Blood Sells

I've worked my fingers to the bone; They're blistered red raw; Don't know where else to turn or go; Or what to do anymore! I can't afford this hollow place; Gouge out my eyes, rip out my heart; Take m...

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3. Call To Arms

These times have changed there's no hope here in this town; The orders gone we're left here all alone; We're trapped inside, we're godless, beaten and we're broken; It all ends now is it time for chan...

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4. Final Sleep

Waiting for my turn; Man I've got time to burn; Into the madness; Looking for miracles; Suspended in nothingness; Into the dark we roll; Watching a dream within a dream; Oh is this happening? This is ...

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5. In The Land Of Fools

Crack down, Breathe out a sigh of relief we can all be forgiven, Great lies, Disguise the interests of us in your heart, yeah right, There is no other place for us to go, I'll see it well, this is far...

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6. In Your Name

Each moment that I live is a threat upon their sorry lives; I sip outsider's blood to quench my thirst; We're keeping the wolves from reaching your door; Bodies decorate the scene; Deep tracks that ca...

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7. Locked In Freedom

Safe in these walls, hide in my skin; These are the things that I live in; Out of control, persistent mind; It's out of reach, I'm self-confined; Made of blood and useless lies; I'll be Ok, no need to...

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8. Metropolis

Here come the hounds; You'd better turn and fight, no place to hide; Ripped up inside; Tried your best, but you'll get no free ride; No reason to complain; You're just another one, it's all the same; ...

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9. The Ill Disposed

The howl of her broken throat; Now with new blood, this earth to soak; Discard with no remorse; Makeshift land filled with tiny bones; Hand-outs for all the true unknowns; Discard with no remorse; To ...

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10. The Resurrectionists

'Cause we'll defy the maker; To make our own survive; 'Cause we're the tainted ones; But we are the saviours of you all; Dig up the corpses; Let the blood run free; We need to see things die; To bring...

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