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1. A Crash Course in Emotional English

The feeling's racing by, it's a sign, this metaphor defies; We're individuals, in a stereotype; The words can't complete just what the picture means; And every second passing is a second I would freez...

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2. Conjuctivitis

We’re moving forward slowly; seems like we’re getting nowhere; 1 step forward 1 step back; Is how it feels to me; And every struggle day by day; Reminds me that im so awake; Feel the unnaccomplishment...

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3. $hit Yeah!!

I never thought that I'd be seeing the world how it is in reality; Addiction of society; Paper and plastic and digits on telescreens; Do we need it? Do we notice? Or do we care at all? Can't change it...

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4. Half a Beer

As it rains inside my head; There’s a timeless story with no end. An empty place with no regrets. I’ve heard this one a thousand times; It’s been replaying in my mind; I’d like to keep it so; I’d like...

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5. Homophobes Are Gay

Lyrics; Artist: The Decline; Album: I'm Not Gonna Lie To You... ; This is a stand against the legal persecution of a people, A contradiction of our basic freedoms “The ticket price won’t cater your ad...

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6. Oh, Fuck!

Well any action is justifiable when condoned by such a being, above the law, above it all. Above any human entity of power, above all right and wrong, above the law, well fuck it all. ; Do you believe...

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7. Refujesus

Well I thoroughly doubt that you?d enjoy; A 3-month trip on a leaky plank of wood. Only to find out that when you arrived; You?re considered a threat to national security; And I?d like to see you go; ...

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8. Showertime In The Slammer

I've been replaying the same; Scenes over in my mind; I've seen this dream a million times; The one where I lose you; In the headlights it is grey; I will come back for you; I think I'll drive, I thin...

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9. Untitled

I remember when I was younger; The days they seemed much longer; And everything was fine. I had no need to fear what was unknown; The rest was just something I?d outgrow; Through knowledge developed i...

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10. Worlds Apart Ii

Hana couldn't understand where all the shoes went, hundreds every day. She packed them all up and sent them away. Where to? She didn't know, But tomorrow morning there would be more soles; to make and...

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