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1. Around The World

We go around the world and we do what must be done, It's a top secret mission; And our enemies are wishin' that they had a bigger gun.

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2. Cold Teeth

I can't eat no fried pollution; I can't breathe 'cause my head is screwed up; In the mud I leave a fire behind me; A burnt cigarette and a broken tooth; Don't interrupt me 'cause I'm trying to die now...

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3. Day In The Wife

Boom! I must be blessed with an androgynous smile; 'Cause I don't know why and I can't realize; Why the supermarket and conbini guys; Always mistake me for a girl with a wink of their eye; How can I b...

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4. Had a Bird

There was a bird he had to fly; I said hello he said good bye; His feathers were of every shade; His song was everyone I played; He flew in line to meet the sun; And smiled and sang for every one; And...

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5. Heard It All Before

Heard it all before; You said that we had connection; Now I'm standing here alone; No control of my direction; Heard it all before; Broken glass smashed at my feet; And your so love without this shit;...

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6. Impossible

Right! You fail inside; Might see a light, right? Fight, choke, and die; Now pick a side and fight tonight? You're impossible!

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7. Intermission

Intermission, enter dangerous territory, We're ignoring everywhere you've been before and; Sit and listen when you thought you had a reason, Check the water when you wonder where your kids are swimmin...

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8. It's Another Day

Finally looked outside today*; Aware of all these things astray; Counted down 5 3 2... Walked outside anyway; It's still there never goes away; Just changes form with the thoughts i say; I'm trying to...

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9. Moving Forward

Sometimes when I hit the ground; I feel that the things in my life; I most care about are the lost on me not for me; Takes me time to contemplate shake this fear away to the; Distant upper place insid...

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10. Peak Oil

Imagine the lights went out, imagine you starving now, Imagine the riot town, it's everywhere, it's everywhere. Imagine you look around, imagine the starving sound; Imagine there's nothing now, it's e...

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11. Selective Memories

Rock, paper, scissors, gun? Forgot my courage, bought some; Easy times and good time won; Is that why you think too much? Remember how much we laughed; But those selective memories are; Easy tools to ...

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12. Superzero

I'm a fan of your average superzero; I shoot an arrow call me a man of action; Take my place in the line up cheer rotation; An amplifier for the good of you I said; That's right

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13. They Come To Get Us

Ahhhh teeth snarl whats under the bed; Sore head again can't pay rent; Monster in the dark or no girlfriend; Immigration and other scary trends; Whistle in the wind whats outside? Twilight vampire or ...

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