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1. Pile Of Broken Tools

Drawing back; Now I see; The pile of broken tools; Beneath the dust; In the darkness; Some were useful once; But some have never been; We all lie stagnant; With our hands around our necks; Rusted with...

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2. Several Tiers Below

(x4) To think that I would be such a thing is absurd, But I'm that monster; I lack the courage; To enter subterranean; Of my human heart; Several tiers below; The surface is a force; That demands to a...

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3. The Dawn Breaks

The dawn breaks; Light creates; New beauty; Gift to make; Memories; Strands of life; Intricate; Design; (x3); From the depths of the earth; Completion conceived; Much worth, All desires, All dreams, I...

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4. The Knife

I have taken; Off my robe; Why did I; Put it on again; I have washed; My feet; Why did; I Soil them again; An evil in my heart lurks; Permitted and un-judged; Breeding failure and sorrow; Some unnotic...

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5. The Palpable Illusion

Do I help you; Find a sense of fulfillment; Avoid pain, Help you make it through the day; You demand that your; Internal needs be met; You make me; A part of your rituals; That feed; To dehumanize me;...

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6. The Winter Has Past

(x2); I am a Rose; A lily among thorns; You have taken me; I am faint with love; Strengthen me, refresh me; I am faint with love; Your left arm is under my head; Your right arm embraces me; Aroused an...

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7. Warmth

How do I know love? When I've learned to rock my self; Rock myself; To be held in your arms; Please cradle my heart; I want my head against your chest; To hear the beating of your heart; So warm; Warm...

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8. Woven As One

A soft light, emanates, from everything; Beautiful, beautiful; Remove your shoes, my breath knocked, out of me; Beautiful, beautiful; My knees went slack, embodies love, light and truth; Beautiful, be...

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