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1. Amplifier

I can't control my anger; It burns me up inside; I won't ask your opinion; You can't make up your mind; You ask so many questions; You tell so many lies; You let the system change you; You let them ra...

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2. Bitter

You think that you can forget me as soon as you can find someone new? But you can never forgive me for all the things you say that I put you through. Do you still wonder about me? If I've found someth...

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3. Distant Sun

We hide our lies behind the veils that blind our eyes distorted minds; We seek to break the ties that blind I see you shine; And feel your touch through space and time; I'd give my life to find some w...

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4. Falling Down

I'll be the king of calamity from my high volt throne; I'll hold my court over everyone; All I see is all I own; And though death is but a kiss away it's all in me; From here put tp where the sun meet...

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5. Foolish Pride

Never see your face again; And it's oh so sad because you where my friend; And it makes no sense to me how you could give up almost everything to set you spirit free; Give up your foolish pride; Or on...

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6. Junk

Go! I bring the pain you feal inside; the worthless one you've yearned for once denied; I am the one that crushed your pride; You can't control your need to feed form me; Fuck You! You should never tr...

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7. Nothing

Dont try to hide your eyes; You must wake up your mind; You've seen the world outside; Is this the way things should be? I've got some news for you; This world can be so cruel; No matter what you do; ...

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8. Pox Eclipse

The seas will rise; The sun will; burn black skies; 1000 lives buried beneath landslides; The end draws near the final day is now here the verdicts clear; It's time you face your worst fear; Now I can...

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9. Sado

Please forgive me if I've seemed distant till now; But I cant seem to keep myself satisfied unless I'm hurting you; Give me control; All that is left of you i can distort somehow; And you are just an ...

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10. Sweet Oblivion

Sweet oblivion; Don't leave me waiting too long; Once we were so at ease; We had everything we could ask for, here in your cold embrace; There is no distance or time; But in such sweet solitude; My pa...

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11. Time

Take away all that you're betrayed; Feel my pain and know that you're to blame; And I will not regret through all these years you've taken; What was pure and left stained And I will not look back upon...

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12. Whores

Sister, sister; I cry my eyes sore; But no one listens to me; My head is pounding; my wrists are bleeding; My life means nothing to me; You'll realize you've lost your mind when you see the world thro...

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