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1. Beyond Recognition

Burn alive, ignite die; I have a hobby, and my hobby is death; Incinerating flesh, 'til there's none left; I want to hear, your last cries; I need to be, the reason you'll die; Flesh melting, flesh bu...

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2. Castration

I'll crunch your ballsack, whip it into a mulch; Genital juices, gurgle and squelch; Squeeze your testicles, put them in a vice; Butcher knives and razors, stab poke and slice; I open your scrotum and...

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3. Execrate

Eradication Extirpate; Abolition terminate; Extermination life will cease; Annihilation life Deceased; I Abominate the Human Race; I loathe All living life; You will Die I will Die; What I Hate Shall ...

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4. Family Of Sodom

Bestiality commited by the mother; Pillaged, raped by their father; Born and raised for sexuality; Incest within is reality; A son not wanted to carry his name; Only daughters, to impound your shame; ...

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5. Forced Intercourse

Incarcerated-Begin New life; Your Virgin Ass is thrown in a cell; Your Home is Now Behind Bars; The Land of Homos is Where You Dwell; Your former life has ended; Heterolsexual life has ceased; the new...

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6. Hideous Reproduction

Hideous Reproduction; I Need to Serve my function; Hormornal Explosion is Present; Ejaculation is imminent; Ancient Sexual instinct; clouding my head-I Can't Think! Rabid Cunts - BLEED! I need to fuck...

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7. Rectum Wreckage

Cancerous Growths-Blood Soaked from A Rancid cavity; Excrucriating Pain-Deep Within Hemoraging feces; Intestinal clot-Bowel Rot Prevents further Defication; Stuck with tubes-Parts Removed A Long, Pain...

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8. Sacramental Molestation

Holy Man of the cloth; tortured By your Evil thoughts; It's your Mission to instruct; (but) You are not Allowed to fuck; cum, My children, follow me; Join My Secret Ministry; the only Rule is: Do Not ...

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9. Spit Forth

Born to the world; I am alive; An unwanted life; A Mistake My Birth; Pulsating Mass; My Life Shouldn't Be; Deadified; A Horrid Future; I did Not Die; Spit Forth *** Breathing; on the floor; Dialation;...

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10. Whorrified

Disgustfull fluids Drip from Her cunt; germ infestation; cum lapping Slut flaming Vagina Bloody Butthole; Years of fucking Now takes its tall; Spread like a Wishbone Now Make a Wish; Perfumed covered ...

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