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1. Emberface

You know; you should know; it sinks deeper; then drowns; it stops breathing; near your heart; i sleep; under ground; the worms crawl through me; etching holes; the sounds thunder; through my head; as ...

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2. How It End

I thought i new, what could be; I thought i would make it; if i try any way; i can see the walk; farther away; you never took; so make my way; this is how it ends; this is how is gonna be; would you f...

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3. Thoughtgrinder

Everything seems like a blur; It flickers in my eye; You were the air; I couldn't breathe; You were the wind; That made me believe; That something was real; You eat my thoughts; You make me dream; Of ...

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4. When The Water Falls

It's like nothing; can be said; as if every word; is a drop; of water; no words; to carry this; no hearts; will live through this; no hope; to shine through; the water falls; and crush you; living nea...

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5. Your Broken Bones

The sun; has lost it's light; and the winds; are quiet; these grounds; feels harder now; and i walk on bleeding feet; to where you are; and you climb towards the things; you've lost inside; and i; i c...

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