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1. A Different Age

You don't wanna cross me or try to get in my way; We'll give them back their glossy scheme and end that holiday; The thought of violence a relief the action brings you grief; There's crooked walks on ...

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2. Control This

Ya gotta fight some time; On the dead end line; When your time has come; Don't be crying for another son; There's time to dry your tears; You've got 15 years; Learn your game; They'll never forget you...

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3. Horizontal

I guess I'm pretty happy, ah with my lot; I paid my way to get what I got; I strive, I strive for something else; But these four walls, my prison cell; There's something else that I don't need; Add ex...

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4. Loaded Gun

What are we gonna do; Now it's looking at you; Ya gotta beat on your rival; It's called survival; And I don't mind; If they see it all; When you discover; She's got a loaded gun; She's got a loaded gu...

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5. Red Light

Late night, it's raining; A total downpour; Meeting at midnight; Below the ground floor; Out of the shadows and into the night; Out of the blue they will swarm to the red light; Tasting the pleasure; ...

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6. Riot Radio

Air Waves beam from the light; On the tower; Get my kicks; From your 11th hour; Won't you give me some more; Riot on the radio; Burn it up; Set my mind on fire; Talk Talk speaker; On the end of the wi...

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7. The Last Resort

The dysfunctional family; Take the kids away; On access day; To the seediness; Beside the sand; It's a disgrace; A total waste land; The industry's dead; And it's a tabloid town; The crowds of people;...

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8. You're Not The Law

Never knew what a good time was; 'Til I had a good time with you; When I see the green light; You see the red one; The better days they come on through; You know I can't stop; You know I can't stop; '...

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