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1. A Taste Of Fear

Moonlight burns your skin; when you try to sleep; your sleeping dreams; awake as nightmares; You fly across the sky; on bloody wings of love; trying not to fall; into a sea of sadness; Drowning in you...

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2. Angel Tear

It's so far away; Where no humans are; It's so high in the sky; Where the silence reigns; Come and take my hand; And close your eyes for another dream; This is a place where nothing is what it seems; ...

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3. Bloodred Sunrise

Can't you see the world's last sunrise; Can't you see the tears in my eyes; Can't you see the bloodred sunrise; Can't you see the tears in my eyes; If life is a dream be afraid to wake up; You would w...

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4. Brainsickness

This hate goes back; to the roots of mankind; but no one knows; why it stays alive; This anger inside; sick people's minds; so many victims; are already dead; The rage grows stronger; when I see the p...

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5. Broken Down

Broken down; Love remembered; Clouds of angel dust; Sadness covers my mind; I still think of what you've said; Listening to my inner voice; Maybe too late to regret; You tried to capture me; I made a ...

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6. Dark Clouds Rising

After the sunset, cold winds blowing; Dark clouds are rising over raging seas; Deceptive silence - one of the signs; Desperation and the embrace of fear; An approaching flood; A lightning and pouring ...

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7. Down Of The Gods

When the sky has turned to grey; like a neverending decay; frozen tears in your eyes; dawn of the gods; thandle with care they said; this will be our last arise; do you see the world's disguise; it lo...

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8. Embedded In Illusions

My sleep is unreal; my dream is my life; embedded in illusions; searching for the answer... to understand my life; What I see; is weaved from my heart; emotions that I never; felt before; Flames of wa...

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9. Fool

Why do you play with fire; and run towards disaster; your head is filled with drugs; rid of all realizations; It slows time to a dimension; you're flying through your brainspace; you've created a land...

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10. Gaias Masterpiece

So far away; there is a place; untouched from human hand; saved from all bitterness; I had a vision; I saw the light; I felt the ease; I saw Gaias Masterpiece; Is this the end? Will I meet my friends?...

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11. Love And Seduction

I feel this longing so strange and so bizarre; Until I will find you I'll keep it in the dark; A blaze bizarre burns in my heart; Brighter than the flame of fear; It feeds my wish to reach your love; ...

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12. My Desire

What I see, is it real; Or just a stroke of my mind; And no one sees what I feel; She could be my fate once more; The bright light in her eyes; Could guide me through the darkest night; And the streng...

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13. Nemesis Of Neglect

There floats a phantom on; the slums foul air; shaping to the eyes; which have the gift of seeing; Nemesis of neglect; nemesis of neglect; Into the specture; of that loathly lair; face it; for your ve...

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14. Sands Of Time

Senseless life; I'm born into a world so cold; I cannot understand; Why the fate has chosen me; I'm born as a living dead; Useless youth; I dream about a world beyond; I feel so helpless; Cause someth...

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15. Shadowdancer

Some dreams never come true; Some days change the point of view; God's hands divided; What love once united; One of them is gone away; And one of them is left in pain; This immortal love lasts; Beyond...

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16. The Masque

My, my, the worms are hungry tonight; Put your ears to the ground; And tell me what they say; Well they grind their teeth; And they're crawling after you; 'Cos they know you're gonna join them very so...

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17. This Falling Veil

I saw angels - fallen from the sky; I saw immortals - afraid to die; Time is just a moment in eternity; But every dawn seems like the last one; With silent cries my life is passing by; Like echoes fro...

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18. When The Love Is Gone

My love is lost; she is gone forever; now I'm alone; for the rest of my life; My sweet love, I love you, until the end will fall; you're the only one, I will love you forever; I can't understand; why ...

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