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1. A Good Heart

I hear a lot of stories; I suppose they could be true; All about love and what it can do to you; Highest risk of striking out; The risk of getting hurt; And still, I have so much to learn; I know, 'ca...

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2. Teenage Kicks

I'd like 2 let u all know including Maz; that this song is by; "THE UNDERTONES" as a band-; not just Feargal Sharkey he was on; vocals but he wasnt the only person; involved here give Damien O'neill, ...

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3. You Little Thief

You little thief; You let me love you; You saw me stumbling; You watched me fall; You left me broken; Shattered and bleeding; But there's no hard feelings; There no feelings at all; You little thief; ...

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