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1. Gringo

Every single day you dig yourself deeper; trying to be someone you're not. Living out a lie you walk the fine line; between who you are and someone you've bought. El gringo me dijo que no, que no habl...

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2. Running In Circles

She was trouble right from the start. I used to always see her at the bar. I couldn't get her out of my mind, now i can't get her out of my life. You're driving me loquito now. You got my head spinnin...

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3. Something's Wrong

It was a so called revolution; On the wave of mutilation; The voice of a Generation; Goes in the wrong direction; But I try not to let it get me down; But it's hard when I take a look around; At the w...

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4. Together As One

This is for the people, for all the under dogs. All those caught in the struggle; no money, no jobs. ; Cincuenta estrellas de opresion; declarando guerra sin justificacion; y los que sufrimos somos in...

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