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1. Frenzy

Come again and tell me what you know; Our friendship in the way; So show me that you care; Oh please use me please oh please use me please; With your face you prove things have gone awkward; With your...

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2. Hold On

I don´t hold back this is a diferent story; just stay lay back my life never knew glory; I´ll tell you why pathetic dumb so boring; oh I get scared my social skills I buried; I hold on the shame to pa...

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3. No Me Sueltes

hoy no por favor hoy no me sueltes en un lugar lleno de; gente, pierdo el control no soy decente, no no por favor; hoy no me dejes me gana el miedo y muchas veces hablo y no; puedo contenerme. ; no no...

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4. Pleasure

God tricked again it`s all good news; I just want to sleep oh i`m thru oh i`m thru; Stay laid there submission is great ah ah; Oscar wilde was right and tonight; Was right and tonight; Ten hundred fac...

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5. Ready Ready

My story I'll help you understand; born, raised in Japan; left school I was 15; left home went to Berlin; I move I walked I walked; Sensation of stopping shocked; the sisters never approved; I went th...

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6. Smile

Turn your head just smile, ....... really they I was they; Sunday nights is the time to put on your face oh your face; Smile pretend ………. way all the way; Turn your head just smile today, just today; ...

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7. Tv

Wake up the sun is out; Been watching tv till 3 in the morning; Porno and cartoons; He is in the bedroom it`s just a blue groom; Sings a songs as sad as a social ad; Just today yeah just in one day; G...

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