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1. A Million Lies

Cruel intentions, cold demensions; Redefining definitions; Reallowing penetrations; Simulating novacation; Die, I look into the heart of a demon's eye going back in time, time and I can't deny what's ...

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2. Amor

eu virei as costas pra voce; te deixei, te larguei; novamente tocarei o foda-se pra ti; eu nao sinto mais amor; eu nao sinto mais a dor; mas estou feliz; mira, puxa o gatilho; com toda sua força; na d...

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3. Death

(hook); Fake: people that you hate, everything they say; Can you feel it rise; blowing up inside; taking over mind; Left turns; looks to.. rise again boy; Crimes; what the fuck is right? Join the othe...

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4. Hell Of A Ride

All these memories are dying; Can't hold on to you any more my darling; I'm praying this isnt for ever; Never thought that seeing your smile; Would bring such agony; I just want us to be together; Did...

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5. Liberty

Meet in a vertival horizon; I'm on the floor; you know that I am; passed out, there's no use crying; So just let me go; Just let me go; No; no tears will fall when you're gone; I don't feel, it's what...

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6. The Return

Welcome back to those who will never return; I see them at war fighting for a lost cause; Welcome back, you know they'll never return; When they die, that's when they will see the end; Human distructi...

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7. Wasteland

war turning youg hearts into stone; the world has gone cold, nothing to hold; senses failed, becoming too old; ive been told that there is no where left to go; the world is turning against its self; e...

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