As Flames Die Out

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1. Another Hate Confession (blendin' Emotions)

There goes again, its my real enemy; (She knows what I feel, she knows what I did); Splits my world from what is real; (Shes breaking all the walls that build my mind again); I think I heard again the...

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2. Bleeding Memories On My Cold Bed

I need to turn off the lights; I don't wanna see you; Go away of my thoughts; You broke my heart time and time again; Now you're sleeping on my side of the bed; Forever; Lying on the road in a cold ni...

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3. In A Crash

Everybody screaming; I try to move but I can't; I hear so many voices; I think I broke my legs; I saw the face of death; I can't remember what happened; The blood is soaking my shirt; Just see the lig...

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4. Reaching For The Sky

God please bring her back, I know it was stupid; Because she needed me, and I just disappointed her; Now I just can cry to death; No way, but I should fight for her to be alive; I threw away my life a...

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