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1. Maelstrom

A ship sailing out to sea; Men hope to feed their families; Inhale the salty air in their breath; Unbeknown to them they'll find only death; A storm approaches from the east; A mighty wind blows cold;...

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2. My Cold Sadness

I have no courage on this road; I'm so lonely by thy grave; Since you lay down on green earth; How can we tell him? She died... He is coming... No!"; Why is that, thy crystalline eyes look so empty; Y...

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3. Old River

Not a farmer afraid of mists covering his crops; Neither a warrior's horse, leaning his head on, Taking him to an unknown road; A spirit, hanging on the wings of the wind; Although not wishing to be d...

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4. Rise From Your Grave

Empty shuffling husks; With no minds of their own; Searching for flesh; To devour; The smells of decay; Overwhelm the senses; Never ending hunt; The dead shall walk the earth; Rise from your grave; Fl...

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5. Scarlet Fever Dawn

Thy scarlet fever dawn under min feet; Though min heart yearn to desire innocent moon light; Gelice a wind freezing slights embrace min dreams; Nu, scarlet fever dawn gives its place to fealu; The hle...

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6. Scorched

Surrounded by flames; Lunatics start to dance; Under the starlight; And lost in a trance; A desert of ashes; Left in its wake; Burning our planet; Condemning our fate; No God; Above; He's left us on o...

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7. Silver Tears

Let me have another sip of thy wine-taste lips. I thirst for thee, my soul suffers on the floor. Touch my lifeless body with thy innocent looks. ; She is far away, and left to be alone. She is far fro...

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8. Whisper Rains

Kneel under the light of our souls. Our blessed light is the guide of destiny. A dim flood, fallen in thy dreams. Heaven is far away, but you 'n she's still one."; Thou mighty time, buried my heart in...

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9. Winter Dust

The shining side of the gorgeous moon, And winter dusts flying silently; Are the heaven of peace for my soul. My eyes gaze at the frozen rivers; Herons left long time ago. Solitude is a fire in my blo...

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