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1. Behind The Wall

I always tried so hard to be a good guy; But always got caught with my dirty hands; I know I'm lost but there's still life out there; The will to face it, is hidden somewhere else; Far away... behind ...

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2. Chance

Chance; When you're afraid of what you feel; You've better realize if it's real; Or just; A sad mind playing tricks; First you begin to feel the flame; When all your happiness turns into pain; Your pr...

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3. Dawn Of A New Day

Dawn Of A New Day; I woke up to a deafening noise; I had blood upon my face; I started praying silently; Until i heard it again; Something blinds my eyes; I can't even cry; Nowhere else to be; Release...

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4. Edge Of The World

Edge Of The World; The poisoned blood is running through my veins; But I'm not the one who will control the world; This ain't the kind of place to be forgiven; This is not even what I'm looking for; I...

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5. Heal My Soul

As I'm laying right here in my bed; Feelings and thoughts that I want to share; But I'm not here alone; What's true and what's reality; Voices keep whispering in my head; Leave me alone; I'm not the m...

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6. Love Is Gone

Should I run right into your arms; or get down on my knees? Should I burn all the letters that you wrote? I can't live without you, and you know that is true; but how, to find again, the path that lea...

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7. New Home

I see her coming in a white dress, And I think of all the moments that we had, I wish I had more lives, I'd spend them all next to you, Lost in time and space and staring at the stars, And watch the l...

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8. Roll The Dice

I'ts time to get away; Or there's a price to pay; You know it all belongs to you; So make your choice and go; What's right or wrong ? Is this right or wrong ? Passing through shadows; Stucked in time;...

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9. Shut Up

Something is telling you from the inside; Leave all Of your wasted past behind; Find the freedom for your mind; Take a look at me what do you see ? Am I someone that you want to be ? No,The scars are ...

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10. The Rain

Throw me back on the track,I'm coming; Running out of time; Fill my cup with your wine,a toast for; For my lack of pride; I know it all,I'm not a fool; I'm not worried with the thing you do; I'm here ...

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11. What do You Want From Me

You're always tricking me out with the; Nasty games you try to play with me; I'm not the kind of guy that fall into this; If you thought that I would go; Any further with this you were wrong; 'Cause a...

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