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1. A Hotel Romance

Its safe to say, that no one really knows, Why were spinning here, and why we havent stopped. Theres room to breathe, but the walls are moving on us, So I think that we must, move on. ; Move on, move ...

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2. Ants

when you're young, life is easy, 'cause you're not afraid to cry, then you age, and you grow hard, it's the politics of life. well, this world, it gets meaner, with each and every day, causing useless...

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3. Just Keep Dancing

You're dancing faster than anyone,both of your feet are off the floor. Its dangerous, to follow the sun, but you cant take your eyes of the door. ; Its pretty amazing, the world we abuse,and how we al...

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4. When

When youre sleepless, does your mind begin to wander? Does your heartbeat feel like thunder? Counting away time. ; And are you afraid? Has it gotten underneath your skin? You just dont know where to b...

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