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1. Again & Again

Here we go now baby; Round and round again; Didn’t you tell me once it’ll never end; You come ‘round here darlin’; Another go at me yet I’m the one; Who always sets you free; Again and again; You bett...

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2. Autobahn

If you want I’ll come along; Pretty soon I’ll have to ramble on; For today I will be true; Before very long I may be through with you; I am flyin’ through the night; Got my baby holdin’ tight; And she...

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3. City Walls

Far away; She would be there if she could; If there’s a way; She’ll find a place where she’s understood; She don’t look behind; And when she goes; Can’t say what she’ll find; Only heaven knows; If the...

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4. Everywhere

When she came; Into my life; Love was blind; It seemed so right; Then dark days; She turned to light; I won’t be the one; To make her cry; I see her face in all directions; I hear her voice everywhere...

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5. Party's Over

I don’t want to see you anymore; I don’t want to feel you anymore; I’m not gonna fake it anymore; I know I can’t take it any more; I can’t cry, can’t fight, can’t die; I don’t want to hold you anymore...

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6. Shadows Of My Mind

Late at night; Deep within the shadows of my mind; Horrors you will find; On dim lit streets; I don’t talk to people that I meet; I just hear their screams; And I know, where to go; And I know just wh...

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7. She's On Fire

Under the sheets on a summer night; You turned me on; You’re never satisfied; You just keep comin’ on so strong; And make it last so long; You’re gonna set this room on fire; Can you feel my temperatu...

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8. Take Love

When you come home with me tonight; You’ll smell like roses, you’ll look so right; You wanna make love; You wanna take love; You better give some love to me; You’re getting’ around; Quit bringin’ me d...

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