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1. Anarchist

He's an anarchist, A facist and a fuck up, Believes in nothing, No regrets just nothing, ; And he's an atheist, And he's on every black list, Two timing criminal, A psycho and an animal, ; He's a rebe...

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2. Fat Bird

She's too close to me; So I can't breathe; It's all gone wrong; I really need to; Get out of this mess; I found myself in; All I wanted to do; Was have some fun; She's all fucked up; Fucked up in the ...

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3. Friday

I'm going out, On a Friday night, Have a beer or two, And get into a fight, It's just the way I am, A useless drop out, Got no money, And I'm never going to sort it out, ; I'm coming home alone tonigh...

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4. Here I Go Again

Where did you go; You're lost in the past; I thought it would last; Longer than it did; And I didn't know; Anything at all; You taught me everything; I needed to know; Here I go again; Moving on, in m...

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5. I Don't Need This

I've seen the way you look at me, You’re testing me, for who I want to be, So much for being free, It's just another conspiracy, It's true that you're a hypocrite, And we want to see the end of it so,...

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6. She

She's feeling so alone today; Caught up in her own disarray; Voices in her head, she must obey; They made her do things she wouldn't even dream of; She's gone missing; She was alone in the dark; She's...

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7. Tutbappb

They're all the same; All the fucking same; Only out to screw you over; They only care about; The overall turnout; Just as long as they can keep the takings; Take advantage of me; Break me down so I f...

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8. You're The One For Me

I remember the first time you met me; You asked and I told you my name; And then I handed over my money; Cus you're a fucking ho and; I want everyone to know about you; (You're the one for me) You're ...

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