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1. Ever Trust no One

Ever Trust No One; all too quiet and this life takes a turn to worse; the burn in my eyes that kept slowing down has died; I’m staring out in the rain... ; you’re still with me / it’s the eyes that ki...

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2. Evil Undercover

She bleeds for the deeds she has gone through; can’t let go off my sleeve; I have no escape, I have no more fear; well, a friend of mine as cruel as I thinks that I’m scared of feeling sorrow; seeing ...

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3. Fall

He has seen the summer end, the fading day; Though it has been a while; He bleeds when you're not there, the pain prevails; A tear before a smile; Pain is all I have; So to say; To get me through this...

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4. For The Wicked (straight Between The Eyes)

the final blow, you see, look away; you feel undressed, the kneels cry, you wish you’d die; when you’re staring the big black window; I am forced to leave; the falling days that we survived, I wish I’...

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5. Gone Forever

The sirens call beneath the waves; surrounding me, then disappear; I keep walking; it feels an entity in a way; makes easier to handle pain; when gone forever; to see it from the start! when lights fa...

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6. January Cold

Well here we are again; how l.o.v.e.l.y. day it has been; I never gave a reason why; a hundred times you did; walked away from the storm we used to call our home; you should realize by now ~ what is s...

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7. Lake Of Fear

Sometimes I can hear ocean roar in the beggars mouth; to be the pride and joy ~ the laughter pitiful of others; the noose holds on when you walk once more through the cheater’s town; and like a little...

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8. Light From Below

I sure know the real name of god; His true son was I; But I pushed myself for the door; And the devil will break my chain; With the world of mine the light and the hope is dying; It's like needles thr...

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9. Prisoner

Prisoner; another dark, silent morning in my cage of life; - holding me down -; a silent sound by the dawning draws the frames of mine; close the door - please stay! I try to hide from the voices but ...

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10. The Way To Go

A burning hole through the floor; And the common sense is gone; A smoky room for my dreams; It's the mask you wear all day; That tares apart your faith; You come to me in fear; In this world I travel ...

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11. Until We Disappear

the day that crossed your life; breathing through with one last goodbye of inhaled memories; and as the boat arrives; I lay these coins on your eyes for your journey; waiting for the tide to come take...

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