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1. Final Journey

final journey; a loneli winter night; your time has come to go; to travel to the other side; the stars will guide your way; farewell my love; one day I hope we'll meet again; in my mind you will forev...

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2. Freak Of Nature

freak of nature; an old man, sick in his head; reaping and killing; evil mind, blood on hands; a carcass without a soul; freak of nature; freak of nature; he's a geezer no remorse; lascious for dead b...

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3. Gone

gone; instrumental:; "while you are drowning in tears, while you have asking why. the time has passing by, better follow what you love ..."

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4. In Eternal Bliss

in eternal bliss; I'm wandering in my remembrance; I have to realize the shattered past; in my confused subsconsciousness; I can't seperate the lies from the truth; no tears washed away my grief; I ev...

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5. Loneliness

loneliness; darkness rules this way; the only light, the light of friends who died; no fear , no pain, on the quest for love; the soul crumbles in pieces; parts that can't combine; never born, never d...

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6. Lykantrophobia

lykantrophobia; tiredness and motionless; too tired to work at day; no hunger, satisfied from the night; lack of energy, the sun steals your power; bestial instict deep inside; you're awaiting the daw...

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7. The End Of Your Time

the end of your time; once you've felt the anger inside; now you're an eagle without wings; once you where full of power and strenght; now you're feeble and weak; once your mind controled your life; n...

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8. The Prophecy

the prophecy; destiny, everything's predictable; treated as a fool, you laugh at me; you're so confident of victory; protected by your selfish disguises; all your promises are lies; your minds are dro...

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9. The Sparrow

You've created a new form of life; It's not real, it's not there; Arised from a grave that never was; Spreading sorrow and pain; It's your twin from beyond; It's growing stronger, You're getting weake...

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10. Trapped In Insanity

trapped in insanity; the river of life has got many tributaries; mine is dark and full of mealstreams; your system is enicmatic to me; never did I percieve the light of reality; there's no bridge to a...

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11. Wasted

wasted; here I lay woundet in a trench; waiting for my last minute; I know that there's no way to save me; wasted! as the minutes fade away; I let my life pass before my eyes; now I know I've wasted m...

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