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1. Cursed Dogs

Come on, accuse me of curse for not believing; that your the crucifix of timber and the solution; Today I assume be damned, and paid a penance; for not believing that the saint of mud and a salvation;...

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2. Decisions

Decisios; Decisions should be taken; Even knowing that it is not the best decision; I can suffer but do not do suffer; It can hurt but do not do hurt; Interfere in something only to jeopardize; I do n...

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3. Illusion World

It fell about the land for May curse that there was; already; The name of this shit is the money; We discover that everything could have value; It started to destruction of all that that was given; us...

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4. Make Me Feel Again

The life is very stranger, nothing is true; Words not have any value; Make me feel the moments, make me feel the memories; The memories, I don't want to hear your voice, this don't have sense; The mem...

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