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1. Odiums Dominion

Last night a man has died; It was himself who ended his life; With cutted throat blood overflowed; He tried to escape; This should be his final night; Eternal hate against this world; Has led him into...

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2. Point Zero

The sadness of all life; A war inside the mind; The key lies in selfdestruction; Unveil the roots of man; And leave these rotten ways; Of a non-existing generation; So many senseless minds; Creating s...

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3. Revenge

All alone I sit with opened veins; Infornt the face of god; The god I served so long; This church has been my cage; I have been its slave; Now I give my life to get out; This church encaged my mind; I...

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4. The Abztract Way To Die

Within the darkest core of mind; A cure to satisfy your cold desire; A wrath that leads to beyond this life; An abztract Way to Die; A way to liberty; T hrough selfdestructive blasphemy; Out of the ab...

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5. The Art Of Lunacy

Works of Art by flesh and blood; Pictures sculptures made of corpses; The more beautyfull they are the more painfull was their dead; I made them by myself, I killed them with my hands; This must be th...

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