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1. Aeons Unveiled: Black Shadowed Skies

Crossing into other dimensions...harvesting the wisdom of ages past; The endless astral oceans...churn the seas of the abyss; The nightwinds are calling; Uncontrollable universal change and creation; ...

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2. Ancient Winter Winds

In the winter darkness, through dark shadows of old; Come thy winds of ancient; Summoned from beyond; Through ritual magick, rise through the flames; The curse unleashed, the earth is damned; Nothing ...

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3. From The Astral Abyss

Winds from the freezing cold black abyss; Storms from beyond the seas of churning chaos; Nocturnal starwinds, unveil the realms beyond! What was written purely book of lies; Scrolls of legendry reveal...

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4. Palace In The Fog

The dawn of a new age of hades; A cold sense from the nightside; Where darkness has come forth to reveal its cill; As we pass beyond the night realm; Winds of time blow like the tides; Conjurations of...

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5. Summoning The Infernal Storm

Transcending through the realms of chaos; Storming with the winds; I cast my spell through the stars; Black storms of the infernal realms; Soaring through the night we ride; Come to rule as kings of t...

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6. The Cleansing Fire

As candles burn into the night; I chant the summonings of ritual...magick! The Arts of Death, I embrace; Gathered unto this realm, to summon forth the spirits; Of the Dead; Rise through thy summonings...

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7. The Gates Beyond The Stars

I evoke thee, by sword and fire; From the nocturnal planes; Cast forth the ancient winds and walk thy path; As wolves cry my name; I unleash thy curse under a full moon; I gaze through the eyes of the...

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8. The Wisdom Within

In the black sky winds storm and rain; Through the ancient forest, I can see; Withering visions of mountains frozen in cold; Landscapes covered in snow; Through the black shadows can be seen; Raven wi...

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9. Undying Darkness

Riding to battles the dark lands; With torches burning; The smoke of war is here; Rise thy kingdom of hatred; Unleash the fury of the storms; Through the dark endless silence; Beyond the veil of night...

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