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1. In the Arms of Fear

Luftwaffe is flying amongs your tops; Fueled by fright and dark into the light; Death is as clear as night; So close your eyes, you wold not see; Give all your money to bank and pawns; Black friday ap...

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2. Insanity

You see the light that was guiding you before; You see again and again; Oh, now you see that living is the way; Drag you suffer and pain; For once you try to change; It's time to set your freedom bet;...

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3. Law of Tallion

They say to kill is no murder; if the murdered stood alone; In the courthouse in front of the cort; All the sane are gone; Try to judge the killer who killed in ecstasy; Insane as the hope to be free;...

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4. Liar

The truth is gone, all is said and done; The lie grow as the word are gone; Full of hate, alone for has shone; Hours of grief, there comes another one; Found a friend upon a dying light; Shining trust...

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5. Never Gets Dead

I used to have someone like you; What do u think I would do? In that hot night, in that cold day; in which u told me to get loose; Now I've got this thing I can't say; I just can't throw it away; Not ...

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6. Rising Skyfall

Woke up at the morning with the siren; it's the air raid comming for us; The first day of my life in a spitfire; I'm getting buzzed; I climb on it and relax; now get ready, time to fly; Taxi, take of ...

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