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1. Cadaver Devotion

Lost among a thousand of grey solemn tombs; find shelter through the field of corpses now exhumed; Smell the earth, witness of this slow return to life; Our existence ruins down into these graves; Cad...

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2. Creatures From The Grave

The time has come; Some shapes loom up in the Darkness; The graveyard rises again... The dirges of the wolves resound so; sinister; A mystic fog awakes the Dead; The stillness of the tombstones; Is br...

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3. Crypt Of Horror

Tonight the moon no longer shines; The Dark invades the graveyard; Eagerly I walk the path that leads into the Crypt; The votive lamps are flickering; Casting shadows all round; I graze the slabs and ...

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4. Cultus Lugubris

Wrapped in my sudarium; I'm waitin' for the unburial rite; Praying for Those who observe us; From the Silent Place; I adore the Mother Death; I evoke the Great Misfortune; Rain and tombs and faded flo...

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5. Exsequia Occulta

"Midnight has come and we are all here in front of the chosen tomb, for giving new life to the dead body of this damned aoul. The magician is receiling the prayers for the deceased, wearing; clothes s...

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6. Grimorium Verum

Use the ancient black book to evoke supernatural entities; Sacre your soul to four high elemental spirits; The three powers that reign on the Magic Circle you had erected; Control the Constellation of...

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7. Hearse

It´s the night with no moon; And I am lost; This wood is shrouded in mist; Cold´s breaking my bones; But what is happening? Faint lights coming over there; It is the noise of the hoofs; Someone is com...

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8. Ignis Fatuus

Motionless is the corpse in the grave; But flames from the ground seem to come out; In the churchyard tonight magic lights; I can see the spirits of the Dead wandering quiet... ; Occult arts practised...

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9. Mors Eleison

When the night turns black; A slow procession of coffins; Proceeds through the orchid path; In time and time, to the Violet Realm; (rit.); Wait Her silent coming; Divinate the tombstone; Mors Eleison,...

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10. Mysterium Umbrarum

"Fiat lux ut venias; Ego sum Sacerdos Umbrarum; Te advoco ut respondas; Ab ea quae nos post Mortem manent."; Ad exsequendam Divinationem hic congregamus, ab quibus e vita excesserunt; et nos ab Inferi...

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11. Occultism (paul Chain Cover)

I am an adherent of the Spirit Theory; and I trust in the astral plains of life; We practice the ancient rite of Divination; And look for Knowledge from Beyond; (rit.); Walk the silent astral Path of ...

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12. Requies Aeterna

Grey fumes of blood fill up this wooden dark; In static rest eternal life; Mortuary silence of a resurrecting world; Faint languid eyes that look at us; Hallucinating stares that gaze at you; Hypnotic...

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13. Resurrecturis

The cold embrace of Death; Reveals us the Gate; We're entering the Reign of Gloom; Through the violet veil; But the ones who still lie dead; Know the way to come back; They're waiting for the black mo...

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14. Sepulchre Of Misfortune

It´s still night in the graveyard; In the vault something strange now; Wickness, Darkness; Everything is in the breeze of Death; Now burning candles circle; Undead body, his return for us... ; Evil, M...

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15. The Arrival Of The Worm

Qui excubias funeris observant, cum timore et tremore; et reverentia hoc faciant, nullus ibi praesumat joca et saltationes; facere quae pagani diabolo docente adinvenerunt. Est tamen aliguis qui supra...

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16. The Necromass: Always They Answer

When the moon gets a silvery violet light; We use to meet in this old abandoned; house; Among cold ancient walls and baroque; drapes; To establish link between Life and; Death; We proclaim the presenc...

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17. The Samhain Feast

This night the light of the fire will reach the sky; The roven is devoted to Witchcraft and Consecration to the christ Denier; November is the month of those who died; Dirges echoes resound in the sky...

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18. When The Ceremony Ends

Dreams of Funerals; Desolating Celebration of Gloom; Grim reflections and violet shades; The doleful silence of Death; Funeral... ; They will leave us; When the Ceremony Ends; A crowd of mourners awai...

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