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1. A Remission Of Life

Children condemned by the light; Mourn their instinctive fears; Their questioning nature will disprove the lies; Containment of valor abandoned and now cast aside; ; Children born just to die; Living ...

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2. Blacken The Sky

Burning winds, celestial death; Inhale the torment searing me and consuming my breath; To ashes I am bound; Breathe the winds of decay; Oh fire, take me away from this place; Oh horrid obsession; Thro...

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3. Cease To Comprehend

You hide behind a mask of ignorance; Your poor excuse won't last as your defense; You spend a lifetime living in contempt; Your end will soon come fast; Your time is at an end; I wreak vengeance on al...

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4. Compulsory Resurrection

His DNA was reconstructed; The laws of nature which once obstructed; A mortal man to rise again; Have been rewritten to cleanse our sins; Hope in turn has made them blind; Cannot perceive the harsh re...

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5. Crown Desire

Extracting cruelty; From those who go unseen; From a heart of malice; Comes grave atrocity; Cold is the flesh that yearns for the sun; Lying in earth forgotten, rotten and gone; Oh crown desire; Your ...

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6. Grotesque Modern Art

Spill onto canvas; Gruesome art stirs the consciousness; A last exhibit a masterpiece of mortal flesh; I'm falling down; My last breath is leaving now; I die wanting to show my truth; Poison leaves my...

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7. In The Hands Of Death

A darkest veil conceals the presence of us all; Through countless wages of war we find our kind; Ever elusive with time; Within the presence of another being; A failed kingdom shall fall; Distill the ...

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8. Programmed To Consume

Lies are fed through structures quelling our mistrust; Ignorance is fodder for machines of want; Followers saturate the earth; Automate consumption and remove our minor worth; What are we a collection...

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9. Salting The Earth

Save me now from this plane; Liquefy my hatred; Give us shelter from the rain; Embrace your safety; heading through the fog; Floating in a dream; Awaken from the torment; We are obscene; Floating now ...

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10. Servants To Their Knees

Conquering this poisoned land of dream; From this sleep I am now torn; A hatred vast turns this world to black; Fall unto your knees or you will suffer; Mute the screams; Of minds unleashed; Awakened ...

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11. Solitude's Demise

Restless beings ones who walk this earth unseen eternally; Longing to be free; A new day has dawned; What's to become of them? Ancient tongues of old once spoke of; Solitude's demise; Echoing from a s...

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12. State Of Mind

Torrents of anger running through my veins; Lying in isolation in darkness I remain; In waiting for a sign of past visions of my life; Drift back to a distant primal self and visualize; Worlds locked ...

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13. The Descent

As I breathe this cold that confines me; It is I who hopes to bring light to this valley of death; Behind the shadow of lies; Brilliant beams converge now to blind me; I cannot feel shame nor regret b...

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14. Twilight's Fallen

Born into the realm of infamy; My mind secedes into the calm; Angels weep in the throes of their humility; Another day has come and gone; Twilight's fallen; Consumed by Dark; God is forgotten; Your sa...

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15. Walk The Path Of Fire

We wanted so much but were doomed right from the start; The yearning, wanting more that comes with beating hearts; The path is shown and now we learn; Through trial and tribulation we grow and burn; C...

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16. Wicked Impulse

Wretched are those that be, search not for why; Cold demons barely alive; In wake of insanity why won't you rise? Release us from evil that lurks inside; Father of mine; If thou art divine; When will ...

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