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1. Everdark Anthem

Kill the Eyes; Annihilate the Vision Cold; Darkness Embraced; The Shadow Unfold; Invoke the Deepest Abyss; The Screaming; Terminate the Soul; Haunted; Seven Shades of Grey; Merging into Forever Black;...

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2. I, Hate

Melancholy Burns; The Ripped Tide of Human Emotion; The Second Algorythm; Of A Soothing Creation; The Heart to bleed the Tears; Shed by the Soul so Mortal; Grim caress of the Void ahead; Blinded by th...

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3. Nonexistence

Taste the Blood; As i Carve my Name; Into the Walls of your Soul; Fade with Me; As the Eyes turn Pale; And we all dance to the rythm of Demise; One into Two into One; In to a Silent Dawn of None; For ...

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4. Ominous Future Present

Enter; The mystical gate to nowhere; The ebony twilight; This is hate; This is my World; Your unknown fate; Welcome to the Forgotten World; Summoning the Crimson Skies; Your world of Lies; The Vicious...

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5. The Void

Look into my flame; The flame of all flames; Burning the furious hate; As you feel the end closing in; You will learn; The void is where it begins; Time into time; Neverending eternity sings; The visi...

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