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1. Congregation

You know, you know, you know, you must know, There's nobody in home, I am the one. And here inside with me, my dear love, The excess of life hang me above! You've seen, you've seen, you've seen, you s...

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2. Machines Rusting

My gears are so fucking dry they are needing oil; Some parts must be wrapped up in foil; These belts are spent from an excess of RPMs; My tank starts to empty at the end of the program; Machines rusti...

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3. To Don't Say Goodbye

Are you enjoying this party night? Don't keep arrested all your treasures. Release all dancing, give me your pleasures. I want hear you shout and screaming out loud. I want see your hands touching wit...

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4. Xsx

You know why I don't like to go slow. The night ends and we live it one by one. The time's short and the cups must overflowing. My mind flies... ; The people around you want grow old and fast. They do...

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