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1. End Of The Line

I bought a socket I bought a lamp; I brought some light inside this house; I told you stories you won't forget; I told you what to take and what to let; I showed you reason, I caused you pain; I showe...

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2. Envoi

My verses stand gawping a bit; I never get used to this; They lived here long enough; Enough! I send them out of the house; I don't wanna wait; Until their toes are cold; Enough! I wanna hear the humm...

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3. I'll Be Alright

I've been a fool; but I did my time; and I came back; and I took what was mine; one look into your eyes; and I know what you mean; I know what it spells; it spells never come; back again; Refrão:; wha...

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4. My Heroics, Part One

enough said, the make-shift; is a comfortable chair; sit back and i'll tell you; we're living in fear; and i don't know; why you talk so rough; why should i be; not sure of myself; my intentions; they...

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5. Papillon

I see an almost desperate world. I feel lonely, lonely. She's so hot to make your flesh creep. But she moves me, moves me. I'm uptight, I'm alright. It's confusing, new sins. I'm gonna let it all out ...

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6. Pretty Horny Flow

This is a story that i never told before; A late afternoon drink well i want more; The waitress is too hot to pick on; She got her breasts from mother nature; and she hates to work in places; Like thi...

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7. Space

Somebody got a second chance man; He tries to get a grip; It ain't easy to be truthful; When your story's all about jail; Somebody is watching; The money sign stamped on your back; They have seen your...

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