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1. Absurdo Culto

Absurdo Culto; You will worship him through me; If you obey me you will see; I bring plesure in gods name; So don´t fucking take gods name in vain; Sex is what I really want; In god I don´t give a fuc...

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2. Disgusticus Sadisticum

I press play; See you decay; In hell death sells curiosity to the level sick; You´re just a chunk of meat crying creep die with dignity; I see your dead face over and over again; Can´t erase the last ...

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3. Dullboy With An Axe

Dullboy with an Axe; it begun with the dead; bathtub lady, boy said; grab the axe; find that kid; no where to hide; blood gonna flote tonight; Have them in my grip; No where to go but the labyrinth; O...

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4. Frankenpenis

Little John was a naughty boy; The Assaulter el Capitan; One hot night, sleeping so sweet; The kitchen knife was like sharpened teeth; One cut, uncut; Dissevered kinky trophy; One throw, located limb;...

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5. Gagball Romance

How I long for your domination; Sodomize me in that wicked way; BDSM; On the loose; The taste of plastic and smell of leather; That squeezed out tube of lub; BDSM; On the loose again; BDSM; On the ran...

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6. Intense Decadence

An urge; A need; Pornographic greed; Sick pages; Filled with filth; On the dark side of the internet; Sitting around, searching a thrill; Spending the time at the worst kind of site; More bizarre, mor...

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7. Murderous Rampage

Murderous Rampage; A inner demon, control my work; A devil, a two edged tounge speaks my word; Destroy, scatter, suffer them all; A god, myself, look down on the world; What a small infestet place; Fi...

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8. Snuff n' Roll

Dirty moves & filthy rhymes; No delicacy only dirty harmony; Snuff n’ Roll built upon the squalid tones; Of you; Oooh! Ripped out entrails stretched to play; Spattered organs to drum upon; Buzz saw st...

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9. Strangle Game

Strangle Game; Oh! Time moves so slow; I need something to do; I invite you to my; Horrorshow; Acromatic in a grey world; Need some color in his life; Like in a horror flick; He love when the blood ru...

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10. The Beast In He

A story ‘bout a loner; who at the zoo couldn’t succeed; he gave the dog a boner; Rubbed his stiff titties; addiction forced his need; to pet the little kitties; A song about a beast; fond of things wi...

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