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1. A Tragedy Concept

(dedicated to Maximilien Varnier); Hidden in creativity; Manifestation of a noble concept; Shaping up within a sensitive mind; The message that will remain unheard; Misunderstood? Rejected? Communicat...

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2. Daddy's Love

Fear and pain - Pain and fear; There's nothing else I feel... ; Why? Daddy why? You used to tell me; how much you loved me; you used to stroke my hair and cheeks; we used to laugh and play together......

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3. Heroism

I don't know who you are and what you can do; I don't suspect how empty are your threats; I don't even know the reasons that lead you to do this; I know just one thing, that I can hope for your tolera...

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4. Point Of Crisis

Standing in front of the mirror; An avalanche of searing emotions; Terrified and thoughtless; A subject to condemn; Feeling alone; Fearing away; Terrified and hopeless; A subject to regret; Energy of ...

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5. Sentenced To Life

The modern medicine lead by the "humanists"; To save life at any cost, advanced technology preserves life; Despite the countless deformations; The new-born's cry tastes of suffering though; He has to ...

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6. Sex For A Few Marks

Real sex of your imaginations, under your own direction? Throw away the mask of a satisfied husband, Gratified by the grey of commonplace sex? You have money and pleasure can be bought; Sex for a few ...

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7. Till The End

My faithful companion; I've lost my way once again; A prisoner of darkness; I let you down my friend; The time has come to testify; All the feelings I've been holding back; How many times must a man f...

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