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1. Requiem For a Dead Planet

I`m turning my head back for last time; and seeing the picture that we left; only dead silence staying behind; and ruins laying on the ground; she was forworn, battered and torn - mother earth; slowly...

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2. Same Again

Many days have passed without your smile; I tried to see and tried to feel; but is it really enough to understand; what is love and what is life itself? fighting the long days, facing the truth behind...

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3. Shattered Pieces

Every night I look into the dark sky; and search for a falling star to get my dream come true; and every day the story is the same but the wrong seems right; and I don`t know why there`s nothing I can...

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4. The Game

We live in a world plunged in violence; some people play a game obscured by dense smoke; everyone of us is a pawn of their aims; and to survive I don`t have a good chance; players are on line, waiting...

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5. The Last Man On Earth

Like the sun at the end of the day; his long life is going down; like a flame burning out in the gleeds; his tired eyes slowly fade out; he knows - the end is coming close and nothing`s eternal; a hum...

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6. The Righteous Path

If I wasn`t blind I would see you dirty faces; if I wasn`t deaf I would hear you dirty lies; if I wasn`t mute you would hear my screaming soul; if I wasn't mad maybe you would understand me; come to m...

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7. Wolf

When in the evening dusk kills the day and silent darkness falls; The full moon rising chases away the sleep with a fairy light; And then you hear the howl of the wolf cutting in two the night; The sp...

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8. Wondering

I`m wondering where my faith has gone; like stolen from a child precious gift; I`m wondering where my power`s gone; river flowing from me leaving cold dry sands; I`m wondering where the color`s gone; ...

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