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1. Apostasy

I see your portrait in the ornament of lies; With the senseless marble eyes; I am almost buried under your mortal sin; In that void deep within; I suffocate among your gospels; And abstract revelation...

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2. Crucifixion Without Regret

Cut my wings away, I cannot see; These vile things, Trampled desires... Fakes of relief, Mistakes of belief, Whatever it may give... And nothing remains... ; Rusty nails choose my destiny, Make me pur...

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3. Face The Nightmare

Drowned in ashes all above, consumed in orgies of greed; As bloodlust satisfied, as a sin burns one's eyes, ... and flesh gets colder losing the attitude to the world... Currently obsessed I am by upc...

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4. From Behind The Verge

By shades merging with darkness; By breath touching in reality; In the past they abandoned bodies; But still alive; Who was beloved will never set free; Behind the fragile verge their eyes; Aspire to ...

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5. Funeral Waltz

Only once I came to speak no words, To dissolve among these grey stones. Only once I came for one last dance, To take all I have never had. No one will see me on my knees, I came alone to correct mist...

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6. Liquid Dimensions Change

Mistrust the silence…; Liquid dimensions change…; Spreading fear and strain…; Filamentous minds…; Shocking self-disclosure…; Embraced by suffocation; In airless spaces walk; Among cadaverous smirks…; ...

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7. Ruined

I don’t remember my face, I don’t count wrinkles. I have never created idols; For worshipping them and hating them. I keep terrible secrets; Of those who are gone. When clay knocked their coffins; I w...

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8. Sarabanda

Slowly darkens the sky, the light fades out –; The silver-grey eyes forever close. ; No more hopes the dawn will bring; Cause no one from now can give a hope. Slowly the world is slipping down; Cause ...

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9. Sepulchral Winter

As forgotten souls suffer, In a blooming garden, I lie paralyzed; In that deadly whiteness. Entwined branches reach for me; With silent entreaties; As my hands they are; Tied by ruthless frost. My eye...

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10. To Kiss The Emptiness

Spread like roots under the ground, Merge with it taken away…; Existence within soft silence…; Free from pain but sentenced to stay…; Obscured by unforgiveness…; The dawn no longer rises, The night ha...

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11. Wrapped In Solitude

Hopeless moans of silence, Cruelly tear my nerves, Cynic smiles of broken windows... Endless torture with absence... Further... I seek myself so far from here. Deep within, I am searching for seeds of...

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