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1. All Day

[Verse 1]; I know what you've been doin [all day]; That level you've persuin' [all day]; The rat race, the paper chase [all day]; You felt the weight, you dealt with hate [all day]; I know you feelin'...

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2. And That You Can Quote

[Abstract Rude]; It's deep, estuary, I'm the devil's advisary, comma; [Prevail]; Drama, the three of us are pyramids period; [Moka Only]; Hearing it we bring you to the point of exclamation; [All]; An...

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3. Come On

Ugh, ugh, scorpion sting crush; A.T.U. with DJ EQ; Come on [scratched] "Come on"; Come on, "Come on" Scorpion sting crush; Come on, "Come on"; Butterfly wing dust, scorpion sting crush; Lion tough, li...

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4. Come Out To Play

Mass distortion the amps are screaming; Pandemonium in the B-Boy Kingdom; Destroy and sting 'em venemous sharp tip; Feeling his pen strokes; For women and men folk; Ab's recording for bastard orphans;...

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5. Coolin

Coolin under the sun havin big fun soakin it in; Coolin and when it's all done were gonna do it all over again coolin you that one under the sun soakin it in coolin; It's hard to work on a sunny day r...

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6. Hi-low Degrees

[Intro/Hook: x2]; From the high degrees to the low degrees; Ice cold, red hot, you can burn the freeze; Fahrenheit, very low; Icicle, hail storm, below zero; Temperature, closed doors, wet conditions ...

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7. Inside Your Eyes

Inside your eyes; Inside your eyes one can see a person's soul; Inside your eyes; Three sides of the story to give you a full whole; Young girl had a baby, babies having babies; Today a mother, yester...

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8. Jam Packed

[Moka Only]; The gargoyle get the jam packed; Now it's time for Moka Only Mr. Amtrak; Locomotive rolling through you better stand back; I'll blow my air horn to fools on the damn track; Before I ransa...

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9. Pillow Fulla Scrilla

Ya...Ladies I'm Back; Got What You Need...Got You Ready; I Want You To Fluff My Pillow For Me; I'm out wandering, watching while you're looking bored; Rappable powers, half my life is on record; Where...

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10. Rifle Association

"I'm a king with a sting of a scorpion"; [Mad Child]; Scorpion King has slowly returned; "I'm a king with the sting of a scorpion"; [Prevail]; Rifle.... ; "I'm a king with the sting of a scorpion"; [M...

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11. Screwed On Tight

"Hey we gonna do it like this"; Concentration, use your brain; Keep the rhythm or you'll be off the game; Cause anything can happen on any given night; So you gotta have your head screwed on tight; An...

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12. She's Always Right

[Abstract Rude]; Baby don't cry, dry your eye; This is my house, you get out, why am I outside; As the door closes; Baby I don't want to turn this into a war of the roses; Rock bottom to the lowest, I...

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13. Smokin' In Here

[Moka Only]; I guess the grandular surface, I make my purpose known globally; You purchase this anomolys product; Grass roots, merchant, operate soulfully; Common trades is not that; Watch me wave the...

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14. Something About This Music

It's all, it's all becoming to clear to me; There appears to be something that you do not know about; Something about this music; Somn', something about this music; (x2); Still young but I'm old; Purs...

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15. Still Rappin'

[CHORUS]; "You know when the day comes I'll still be rappin'; You know when the night comes we'll still be rappin'; Way back in the past days people were rappin'; Way up to the last day's we'll still ...

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16. Stop Biting

I catch little sleep at night, wake up the next and keep it moving; Context, don't take me out, this raw fusion; Is climaxed, high frictional vestax; And techniques, making my money with less tax; And...

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17. Torn

[Intro:]; Change style (like what?) You know. Change it. Ummhum. I just get in these moods man. Make it happen. They brought you the mood, within the music. Now the music within the mood. ; [Hook:]; W...

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18. Warlords Of The Flies

Uh! Watch your step! It's no joke out here, watch your rep! Ain't no joke to provoke a top seed; For those who smoke and they got they own weed; Ain't no walk in the park where I'm from; Dogs that bar...

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