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1. Aftermath

"Honest confession of nature whispered to our minds; Silent shivers became a part of darkest of our winters; Facing to aftermath"; Images, fantasies, coming out of our mind; Obsessions, confessions ma...

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2. Dream Of Fear

So here comes the night; The time of lonelyness and fear; My eyes has fallen into darkness; It´s mystic might is near; I am a victim of my memories; Silent enemies; Hidden in my mind; They´re about to...

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3. Fear Of The Dream

Every evening when the sun is dying; and the Lord of night shines trough the sky; Something strange awaits me as I am lying; The sight´s getting darker, nowhere to hide; Every night it´s always the sa...

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4. Harmony

There are no gods you could believe in; There are no altars you could sacrifice on; Saint miracles are gone cause of living; All your prayers for material; World, you say words; Give me money, give me...

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5. Illusion Square

Closing eyes; You´ve got enough time (to); Satisfy; Desire; You are a chump; Wasting own life; Killing your chance; to be number one; Escape every-day stereotype; Hide before outside world; Find a pla...

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6. Last Sunrise

I´ve never reached the top of my shadow; But tommorow I´ll reach my end; Now just a sadness grows inside me; To hell or heaven I´ll be sent; I´ve got only one more wish; Just to see tommorows sunrise;...

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7. Lost Life

I live in house for dying people; Next door stands old theatre; Which is closed; for too much long; as a time as I am alone; Beating the time by toutching memories; Reading forgotten script; Wrinkled ...

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8. No Gun - No Fun

I´ve got a new image fuckers, people call me maniac; I´ve bought a new toy to play what can make a real big wreck; There´s no disease in my head or in my clever brain; Expecting nor a sympathy nor a f...

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9. The Old House

"Come near my dear child; Don´t be afraid of my empty rooms; I am a wizard of imagination; from the cellar to the roof"; Step by step; to the front door; Grasp by fingers; the handle of gold; Step by ...

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