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1. A Change In Your Mind

Your ancient morale makes me indignant; Your inherited opinions affect the way you act; Your blurred illusion withholds the revolution! A change in your mind will strengthen the progression! Lighten u...

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2. Disgrace

While the masses are praying, the priests are collecting; This repulsive behaviour is a disgrace for the human race; Religion causes suppression; On those who are are feeble-minded; And for you in nee...

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3. Dreamland

Insolent - you're insolent by heart; Suffering in your wasteful dreamland; Your insularity obstructs the illusion! Compel - compel your values and views; And see how far they will guide you; Your insu...

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4. Evacuate The Earth

Evacuate the earth! What else can we do? Evacuate the earth! Time is running short... No time for repentance, no time for regret -; Just leave this forsaken ground; The dream about the utopia; Is just...

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5. Last

Your the last in line, it's time to meet your maker; Your soulless rotting corpse now flesh for the undertaker; What caused this subversive disaster? What went wrong with your life? All that now is le...

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6. Silent Sanguinary Soil

Another war has started and now all life is gone; Now the earth is crying and the judging has been done; The victims now har started the desperate fight for peace; As rebuilding is in progress, anothe...

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