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1. Breathe

Crowded hallways, closing on my mind; Busy highways, needing to unwind; People shouting, getting in my face; Tension mounting, fighting for my space; Leave me, free me; Just let me breathe; Leave me, ...

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2. Code Red

Follow my orders, don't question why; You're here to do as you're told; What goes on here, rules by your fear; Secrets until you grow old; Run into the fire, reaching ever higher; Follow code red, fol...

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3. Empires

Kings and queens and presidents; Ministers of hate; Look back at your heritage, your history; Pilgrims and holy men; Preachers of your fate; Look back at your gospel truth, it's clear to see; Remember...

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4. Flames Of Justice

Cause of retribution; The laws of this land; Lawyers and corruption; Walking hand in hand; Caught in a fire; Beating down the flames of justice; Living on a wire; There's nowhere to run; There's nowhe...

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5. Free

I am the darkened thought; Running through your brain; I am the fatal drug; Swimming in your veins; I am the careless whisper; Blowing in the air; I am your deepest secret; That you will never share; ...

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6. From Beyond The Light

In the wake of change, from beyond the light; From the darkest place, with all your nerves pulled tight; From the shadow realm and the beast within; Where the bravery absolves all your sin; From beyon...

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7. Hundred Years

National pride, standing in line; Ready to fight for your country divine; Life on the edge, with arrow and spear; Take your last breath, live with your fear; Hundred years, we fight for our lives; Por...

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8. It Is What It Is

People will be people; Liars, cheats and the fakes, never learn; Never shining, silver lining; Wasters, snakes and lizards, our concern; It is what is it, the way it's meant to be; It is what it is, i...

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9. Love To Hate

Hate, they love to hate the earth; Fate, accident at birth; Fight, never kneel to them; Death, live to defend; I now know what it is, what my life is for; Freedom to the soul, be a slave no more; When...

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10. Only When It's Over

Like a good dream, remembering all; You must wake up, before the curtain call; Like a new day, impresses with sunrise; As a shooting star, experience no lies; Only when it's over, do you catch the dri...

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11. State Of Grace


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