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1. Alone

Take the words i say; And you hold them against me; That's why i feel like i face this world alone; As i'm held in this place; Hurts much more when i blame you; And still i feel like i have to hate th...

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2. Complicated

Trust what you can see; Say what you will, make me believe you; Chase away all the feelings that you knew; Would take and dissipate how you disapprove; I'll separate this test of fate; And complicate ...

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3. Dead Me

It's needless; But still i try; It's endless; I won't deny; Right back, and we're at it again; I'm sittin' in the same place that you left me in; 'cause right now, my mind's feelin' dirty as sin; Thin...

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4. English

The sigh of despair; Though i couldn't find; One thought in my mind; To rectify the way i feel inside; It's too late to second guess; What i'm willing to accept; It's so hard; To feel this way without...

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5. Less Than Nothing

In my mind; I can't find the life that i've been wanting; You can't deny; It seems it's only you that makes me feel like nothing; Now it's more than i can offer; While i tread i'm falling under; All i...

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6. Lies

I'm losing; Failing; Things are never what they seem; I'm feeling; Hating; Watching the way you deceive; It's hard to draw the line between; Your lies and what i should believe; I need this; It's hard...

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7. Not This Time

Torn from the insignificant and what matters most; My actions define who i'll be; My actions are defining me; Reflect on your life and the choices you make; Cause in the blink of an eye; Your friends ...

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8. Numb

Please can you help me - throw me a lifeline; In a distant sea of blackness i see a flame; My conscience beside me, my vacant emotions; Inside my hollow thoughts i still walk alone; Please can you gui...

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9. Pointing The Blame

To hide the memories conflicting me; Is all i can take; You try insulting me dishonestly; While you smile in my face; You're avoiding the truth; You're always avoiding the truth; You're only running f...

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10. Unconscious Thoughts

where does the border lie; separating this life from the next; it's in the angels cries; where you find all the lies to contest; release; i try but i can't breathe; unconscious thoughts i see are suff...

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11. Vindictive

you don't know; but i'm after you; you watch me as; i come for you; right now i feel; so vindictive; ties that bind; won't disguise; things that we can't change; if i decide to redefine myself; my hea...

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