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1. Secret

Baby I’m here for you, and you can tell me all your secrets, Let’s stay together; FOREVER; Tell my your secrets now; Open up your heart; Give me everything you’ve got; And make my dreams come true; Te...

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2. Stars

too many stars; take all for granted; let me tell you one thing now; they keep on dreaming; they feel alive; they're feeling so proud; how on earth can they survive? let me know in time; let me know i...

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3. The Air

Every night I see the most horrible things; Murder, rape, genocide, torture, clustering catastrophes; Terrible wars with weapons we can't even imagine today; They will come with ships on the water; An...

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4. Where?

I Want You To Love Me; 'Cause I Can Be Yours Forever; Where Are You Now ? I'm Dreaming Of You; Feelings And Wanting You To Love Me So; I Can Be Yours Forever; Chorus:; Why Are You So Far Away ? Being ...

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