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1. Absinthium

It's 3 o' clock in the night. I can't believe my sight. I'm on the wrong side of me. Nothing's what it used to be. ; Help me. ; Oh, please help me! I'm in a maze of perceptions, Confused by white nois...

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2. Black Gown

Hey you, hidden behind God; Don't you know that life will end even for you? Live it, let us live as it comes; Try to forget all those teachings; Hypocrisy, lies, ignorance; Raping brains of the believ...

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3. Circular Saw

Deep in the night; A door at the bottom; Of my mind opens; A deadly secret is set free; I am crushed; By the vision; I am living; Is Madness; Covering me with her black cloak? I have never lived; This...

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4. H.a.i.l

What have you done in this life? Time is gone now; Torturing thoughts and regrets; No more chances; Nightmares are keeping you awake; While you cry your life's a joke; Nobody there, nobody cares you'r...

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5. Mr. Nothing

I've been around these days; I've seen your face; Your name in a advertising space; Why are you everywhere? What is the reason; To make people wish to be like you; They love the way you live; Earn mon...

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6. Skull

I was the king of peace and people will remind me; In a thousand years from now my laws will be respected; Death; Won't make; My reign; Fall down; My spirit roams through time to care for what I've le...

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7. The Curse Of Blood

Welcome to our last day on the Earth; Every preacher knows we're at the end; The world will melt under your feet; Your eyes will see it's coming; Judgement day is here; Let's bow and pray; The end is ...

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8. Waste

New targets burn beneath me; Another mission's going fine; The A.R.S. still screams; I see people dying; Screaming, bleeding, crying; Begging for a truce; Shootin', crushin' them all; I won't spare an...

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