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1. Burning

Feeding the fire, feed my desire; To see this all go down in flames; Burning the dry even drier, And now i will, Burn it before its too late; Red is my pyre that thrills and conspires; Burning the bri...

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2. Coma

Thrill seekers, They wont meet us across the line; They've got much better things to do; Then sit around, just waiting for you; Are all expenses paid for? Enlighten dignity; Awaken piety; Control the ...

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3. Final Bow

I watched the moon rise above the sea; But you weren't there to comfort me; I am strong, you're nothing now; Watch me take my final bow; In this precious moment I am purged; Though you're sitting ther...

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4. Itching

feel something itching; Festering inside of me; The words struggle to surface; I need a way to make you see; Your beauty seems matched by your suffering; My power over you i am questioning; The strang...

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5. L'envie

J'ai cru que j'étais condamnée; A regarder l'amour passer, J'en suis venue à mépriser; Tous ces bouquets de fleurs fanées; Mais aujourd'hui tu me souris, Et je te donne ma vie. ; Si tu me donnes l'env...

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6. Mati

Now let me ask you this; Havent you ever been curious; No love can come from a kiss; Now take this pain and turn it into bliss; I know you might be scared; Threatened by my unrelenting stare; But come...

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7. Monologue

I can’t help myself; When you’re not around; I hear the voices call; But they don’t help at all; So I speak your name; But its all in vain; You’re so far away; It drives me insane; How I miss your sme...

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8. Singers

I watched their fingers; I know all about them; and between the sunsets; i wait for the singers; and now that the day comes; we're trapped in a cell now; warm lips on my ear tell; their secrets from h...

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9. Stare

Tell me its something new; Cause i don't wanna be used; on this matter i refuse to budge, Cause i don't know bout you; I know you're in my hair; I love to watch you stare; But I can't let you go; Let ...

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