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1. Died Story Manifesto

I gave myself the gift to see and to; die, bleeding by the rule; Let me cry the drama of this obsession, let me walk by those corridors of cells. ; Dignity is died in the story manifesto.

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2. Manipulated Statues Of Flesh

Those statues of flesh I manipulate; are turning sings of confusion, are by themselves a carrier of pain. As much I spread them as much; I sight them...they smile to me, As light of abnormal intuition...

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3. Modern Cathedral

Obscurantist order pride, I summon thee modern damnation; We summon you modern temple, let your void resound wind; suffer wound inhaled in suffering wounds; disease of a lonely herd mourning voice mou...

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4. Subliminal Aeternitate

Howl become me, sinister echo of this existence; be a memory of mine; This is our sad destiny to watch the eternity of time; by our own distorted perspective; Satisfied conscience of the few, to drink...

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