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1. Ak47

I read all of your diary, It taught me all I needed to know, Please move a little closer, Let's sort this out before it's time to go, I know that what I said, Has been heard so many times before, It's...

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2. Another Year (same Questions)

The morning news left my confused today, Communications faded fast, The ground will sink beneath my feet tonight, Paracetamol won't last; But every song I ever wrote was meant to wind you up, And ever...

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3. Asleep At The Wheel/ Reflex Action

See the days get shorter now, A frozen river slow, Well honesty is only a reflex action, You lost years ago; Save the good songs for the good times, There's still work to do, Close you eyes now gently...

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4. Braincells

Slept through a storm last night and woke up by your side, They say I need you more than I know; I see you drink girl, it's really no excuse, I called my friends to come and cut me loose; Maybe she's ...

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5. Eyes On The Exit

Dead letters drove you apart, Not debris or broken glass, But they will never break us down, You know that; Intercepted from the start, I guess the silence breaks your heart, But they will never break...

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6. Leaves

The leaves on the trees might fall, But I'll be standing firm, I tried to make some sense of it all, But I've got a lot to learn; I never got your letters, You promised me you'd write, I never got wha...

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7. Lost And Found

We exist in a B-movie, The script's so good - we speak easily, So there's no need for us to sleep tonight, They will write our headstones (they will write our headstones); It's colder now than it was ...

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8. Quiet Playground

The moment came, its been and gone, Don't hold your breath still for the sun, I've been a tourist for too long, It's time to find a place called home; The quiet playground's been reserved, For those o...

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9. Safety In Numbers

See what you've forgone, Now all hope's withdrawn, Scratch your face from the mirror - until it's gone, Ascertain the facts, Filter stillborn acts, A smokescreen of denial;; You will surely crack; Oh,...

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10. Smash And Grab

Keep your ear to the ground, Listen out for the sound, Keep one eye on the tv; Staring into the sun, What have i become, Won't nobody tell me? Cheap seats and magazines, Comic-book hero (working class...

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11. Split The Indifference

I chanced a smile at your, your disposition, You glanced through me, me and my best intentions, You're shedding friends like skin, the skin that keeps you warm, To exist though, is more, it's more, it...

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12. Static Soul

They're the silent soldiers, Rusty charms and exposed wires, They're our adversaries, Wasters rock the fore-front now; Static soul, static soul, There are no thoughts in my head, There are no thoughts...

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13. The Understudy

Freeze, Tonight I know I will, When I see how well you're living, Just hold the camera still; You, You look past me and smile; Just roll a cigarette, I know it's been a while; These days your lips jus...

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14. The Wrong Approach

The songs you sing are no good to me, They never help our cause,, There's a whole world outside of this room, So bolt up all the doors; It seems to me that people make you more alone, For once it almo...

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15. This Town Works Backwards

I saw lights, lights up ahead of me, Now I see you light up instead of me, Turn down, turn down the TV, Turn down and spurn your identity; Chalklines on the floor (I don't see them), Notes under the d...

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16. Torchlight

You found a globe, There's places on it you could go, When you've returned, There'll be things that you still won't know; You wandered home, Under streetlights, kicking stones, You made it home, But h...

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17. We Slept On Wasteground

Winter bleeds into spring, And i don't remember anything, So someone tell me who won, The civil war that ran inside my head; Get dressed for empty gestures and wait, This is the moment we escape; Ther...

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