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1. Arctic

We sway in the cold; And wish for longer; Our time is fragile; And we will never sing again; I don't know how I feel; Are these feelings for real? I fell into the arctic; And I hope that I don't drown...

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2. Build It Higher

Listen now whatever happens here I got you; Listen now I got us something to pull us through; And we can build it higher, stronger; Don't you wanna live within the truth? We could build a life togethe...

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3. Embrace The Rain

Through my life; The wind blew a memory; So playful; The memory was so carefree; Hiding and smiling in places where only children could see; Binding and secret the fountain of youth was always dry; I ...

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4. King Of Hearts

Everything is changing; As the world spins round; Though my eyes were once young; I start to lose my sight; And the rhythm of my heart; It begins to slow; You know this will not last forever; I will s...

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5. The Lightning Tree

Down to the riverside; To open my eyes; And tear away this hole; Soft sun and silver lines; Burn with pride in time; Time, time, time; As life begins to burn; You will find me dancing in the rain; As ...

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6. Waterfalls

And I hold in my hand the finest grain of sand; But in the final hall of fame; You were the greatest love of all; I was the man who gave it all; Now fly away; To a waterfall; Listen to the call; Now f...

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