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1. Ashamed

I've changed all I can change. everything else can stay the same. I've changed all I can change for you. you've given me a name. I found myself inside the flames, becoming everything for you. I'ts not...

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2. Bait

Sometimes I feel a little insecure. Sometimes I feel my intentions never pure. Right now I fear that I won't be good enough. I get like this every now and then. my knees are bruised when times are tou...

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3. Better Way

I cannot live on bread alone, but when I get a piece of you, it's all about me. I cannot do this on my own. If this fog would clear I'd see you reaching for me. ; I've taken up my cross, yeah one more...

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4. Break Down

Nothing feels the same, no; Another lost saturday; My stupid side shows up and then... Three steps, the wrong way. ; And now that your gaurd's down, ya get; Another slap in the face; You get closer to...

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5. Conviction

Open up the book you beat me with again. Read it off one sentence at a time. I'm tired of all the lines, convictions, and your lies. What right do you have to point at me? Now I'm sitting alone thinki...

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6. Get It Right

Everytime I look to the sky, the sun burns holes into my eyes. Everytime I ask for relief from my pain; I get beaten again. ; I ask myself will I... EVER GET IT RIGHT? It's this disease I can't cure, ...

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7. Goodbye

I never knew you, but I wish I would've known. I would've liked to have seen that side of you. So what if I would've been around you more, given you more love, would you be here? Now there's a life th...

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8. Keep Me Close

Look at me, I'm so far away. Out of the way of rain, far from the pain. Well, if you see me in your; dreams would you still believe; all that you see? Well, don't leave me out. Don't leave me out. Eve...

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9. Killing You

You see the scar in my side. I've tasted pain of candy thorns. There is no scar that I can hide. They're on my sleeve tattered and worn. ; I need you here with me, but you seem so far away. You seem s...

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10. Lead Us

We're creeping by so blinded, don't know where to begin. We've been too far to turn around. Spreading crumbs so we can remember; where we've been, but we seem to; have forgotten you in this. ; We've t...

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11. Let Me In

The rain falls down, falls on me; The rain falls down, your blue sky turns to gray; Open up, let me find a way in; Open up, let me find a way in and... ; Let go all the pain you put me through; Let go...

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12. Motionless

Steady casting stones, consequence unknown. The waves are crashing down on me now. Crashing down on me now. Drowning life that I cannot see, strangled everything I'll ever be. ; I wanna be motionless....

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13. Runaway

Take a look at me. What have i become? I don't like what I am seeing. Selfishness and greed make it hard to breath. When I'm feeling suffocated, I feel the need to... ; Run away, run away from my home...

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14. Seven4

Take a glance; Unfortunate circumstance; Never seem to take a chance; As I sit and watch you dance; I sit here like a fool; Why I can't; Cannot seem to understand; What it takes to be a man; Get back ...

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15. So I Lie Awake

We drove trough a cloud; and danced in the rain on mountain tops; Looking down to the world below our feet; But you don't see me anymore; I can't beleive what was said; The night after we fought for t...

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16. Thorn In My Side

I'm so wrongly accused, pinned down and abused, by all that you do to bring me closer. ; You're the one that I despise, you cannot deny. You tell another lie. You don't know how to die. You're just an...

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17. Under My Skin

What were you thinking... Showing up here? What do you want from me? Whatever you're trying to give, I don't want it. But ya keep on baiting me... ; You found yourself here... Under my skin, is where ...

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18. Weaker Side

Easy, too easy; to give in to the words that you say. Stupid, how stupid; I must have been. Every time, every time; I look into those eyes, I see lies; So close them now, close them now; the truth wil...

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